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2017 Voir Dire Institute

Outline of Program

Voir Dire Principles – Knowing, Understanding and Appreciating the Real Purpose and Function of Attorney Voir Dire – 12 Principles

Preparing for and Approaching the Initial Ten Minutes of Voir Dire in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases – What to Do and What to Say (and Most Especially – What You Need to Avoid Doing and Saying)

The Law and Procedure of Voir Dire in State Court in Florida (Including Knowing the Specific Steps Required by Your Particular Judge – Avoiding Traps and Pitfalls)

The Methodology and Strategy of Responding to Difficult and Sometimes Accusatory Statements or Comments by Jurors – What Do You Do and Say? – How to Respond – Steps and Actions You Need to Take

Voir Dire – Liability Issues (Focusing on What Plaintiff Must Prove in His/Her Liability Case)

Workshop – Plaintiff Liability Issues (Where Burden Is on Plaintiff to Prove Certain Items of Liability – i.e., “Notice” in a Premises Liability Case, “Defect” in a Product Liability Case, etc.)

Handling Voir Dire on Issues Relating to Comparative Fault

Handling Voir Dire on Issues Related to Specific Defenses (Other Than Comparative Fault)

Workshop on Voir Dire Relating to Comparative Fault and Defenses Raised by Defendant

Voir Dire Methodology and Strategy to Seek and Identify Harmful, Problematic, and Case Destruction-Oriented Jurors Based on Philosophy of Life, etc.

How to Develop Challenges for Cause and Successfully Meet the Legal Standard

Workshop on “Philosophy” and Developing Challenges for Cause

Voir Dire on Elements: Physical Pain and Suffering, Mental Pain and Anguish

Anticipating Defense Steps and Strategies During the Defense Voir Dire and Taking Steps to Preempt Defense Moves and Statements

Final Lecture Presentation – Striking Jurors – Challenges for Cause and Peremptory Challenges – Knowing What to Do, and When to Do It, and How to Do It, and Learning How to Avoid Blunders

8/2/2017 - 8/4/2017