EAGLE Business Friends

Below are businesses that have chosen to step forward and stand beside FJA and other consumer advocates as we strive to protect Florida’s citizens from dangerous special interest legislation. Please visit EAGLE Business Friends listed here for all of your trial service needs. Thank you for supporting those that support FJA.

Accident Reconstruction
BEC Consulting, LLC - Benefactor
Global Engineering & Scientific Solutions, LLC - Sponsor
Soan Chau & Associates, LLC   - Sponsor

Sabadell United Bank - Legacy
Esquire Bank - Benefactor
SBA Loan Group - Sponsor

Court Reporting
Universal Court Reporting - Legacy
Milestone Reporting and Video - Patron
Veritext Legal Solutions
 - Patron
U.S. Legal Support, Inc. - Sponsor

Database Services
Witnex, Inc. - Legacy
CaseMetrix, LLC - Sponsor

DISCO - Benefactor


Robson Forensic, Inc. - Advocate
Forensic Human Factors - Sponsor

Financial Assistance to Clients
Fast Funds, Inc. - Patron
Momentum Funding, LLC - Benefactor
5 Star Legal Funding, LLC - Patron
Oasis Financial  - Patron
Client Legal Funding - Sponsor
Injury Funds Now - Sponsor

Fine Art and Prints
Trial Lawyer National Portrait Gallery  - Sponsor

Level Insurance, LLC - Benefactor

Legal Illustrations and Animations
MediVisuals - Sponsor

Legal Representation
Wasch Raines, LLP - Sponsor

Litigation Funding
Black Diamond Funding, LLC - Founder

Litigation Presentation Support
Visual Evidence, Inc. - Benefactor
Video Law Services - Sponsor

Marketing & Advertising
Rieback & David - Legacy

Medical Consultants/Services
Medical Assurance Funding  - Benefactor
Panhandle Orthopaedics - Patron
Physician Life Care Planning - Patron
Tanner Legal Nurse Consulting - Patron

Upchurch, Watson, White & Max - Sponsor

Proposal for Settlement Insurance
LegalFeeGuard - Patron and FJA Affinity Partner

Settlement Services
Synergy Settlement Services - Founder

Special Needs Trust
The Centers - Benefactor

Structured Settlements
NFP Structured Settlements - Legacy
LRG Settlement Advisors - Benefactor
Millennium Settlements  - Sponsor

Video Production
Image Resources of Florida - Benefactor
High Impact, Inc. - Sponsor