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Preliminary Schedule of Events

Tuesday - March 20th, 2018
Morning Session: "The Business of Lawyering"

Featured Luncheon Session:  “The Art, Science, and Methodology of Showing the Story to the Judge and Jury (throughout Each and Every Phase of the Trial)”
 – Featuring Sach  Oliver of Arkansas

Afternoon Session: "The Magic of Advocacy"

Evening Session A: Annual FJA Settelment/Mediation Institute

Evening Session B: Expert Witness Challege Session

Evening Session C: "My First Trial"

Wednesday - March 21st, 2018
Morning Session: "Potpourri of Essential Hot Topics including Negligent Security, and
Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases Regarding Children with Autism
or Other Physical/Mental Challenges" – Understanding the True Value of These Cases (as Opposed to the Defense Argued Diminished Value)

Afternoon Session: FJA Annual Medical School for Lawyers
(featuring Orthopedics, Physician Life-care Planning, Chiropractic Medicine, Pathology, Neuroradiology, and Neurosurgery)

Evening Session A: “Fifty Shades of Attorney Fees (and Why Some Plaintiff Attorneys Are on the Edge of the Cliff)” – Everything We Need to Know about Attorney Fees
and Attorney Fee Hearings, New Issues Regarding Contingent Fee Contracts, and Much More

Evening Session B: "Overcoming Major Legal Hurdles: Worker’s Compensation Immunity, Sovereign Immunity, Statute of Repose, and More"

Evening Session C: "LOPs, Billings, Defending Depositions of Physician Billing Managers, Lien Resolution, MSAs, Protecting the Treating Physicians, and Much More"

Thursday - March 22nd, 2018
Morning Session: "Damages in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases" - Featuring Web Brennan, Phil Freidin, Stuart Grossman, Steve Yerrid and Chris Searcy

Featured Luncheon Session: "Compassionate Gladiator and Gladiatrix Addresses"

Afternoon Session: "Products Liability"

Evening Session A: "Bad Faith and Insurance Coverage"

Evening Session B: "Understanding and Comparing Litigation-Trial Methodologies"

Evening Session C: TBD

Friday - March 23rd, 2018
Featured Session: Traumatic Brain Injury – Featuring Randy Scarlett of San Francisco, Marius Ziejewski, Ph.D. of North Dakota, and Bennet Omalu, M.D. of California