Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an MP3 Audio CD, DVD and Online Streaming?
An MP3 Audio CD is just like a CD you would listen to from a musician. If you travel frequently, this might be a good option for you for listening in the car (not guaranteed to work with all stereo systems) or transferring to a mobile device. A DVD of our seminar is the video of the seminar. The MP3 Audio CD and DVD come with a CD-ROM of the seminar materials. Online streaming is available for attorneys who want to view the seminar as soon as possible wherever an Internet connection is available. You have the option to view the entire seminar or pick topics to view. 

Your audio and video products come with electronic materials. Can I get a printed book instead?
Yes, for our Workhorse Seminar only. We will need to charge you a $12 shipping fee plus 7.5% tax on the book fee. 

Why is my CLE Seminar Attendance not showing up with The Florida Bar?
The Florida Bar asks attorneys to self report their CLE hours. Please input the CLE Course number given to you by the FJA and record it in the CLE area of your Member log-in area of The Florida Bar website. If you need a course number, please call or email the CLE Department. 

I am a Paralegal and I need a course number from a seminar/webinar I attended with the FJA. 
If you attended a seminar/webinar that was also available to attorneys, then a course number was given to the FJA by The Florida Bar. We will be more than happy to provide you with this number. However, if it was a seminar/webinar just for paralegals, the course was approved by NALA who provides the FJA with the number of CLE Credit hours but not a course number. 

I am not able to register on the FJA website. Can you help me?
If you are having difficulty registering on the website, first be sure you that are logged into your account. Registration options and pricing will only display for those who are logged in an verified as eligible to register. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact the CLE Department at 850-521-1097. We are able to process registrations over the phone.

I was a speaker for FJA. Can I get CLE Credit?
Yes, you can. We can email you a Lecture Credit Form for you to send along to The Florida Bar. 

My CLE Credit is due at the end of the month. Can you help me?
Of Course! Check out the many seminars recorded and available on our products page in a variety of audio formats. A document with a breakdown of credit hours for each seminar can be used to guide your purchase selections. The CLE Department can be reached at 850-521-1097 if you need assistance to find the right seminars and webinars to fulfill your credit. 

All other questions:
Call the CLE Department at (850) 521-1097 or email and we'll be happy to assist you!