Florida Justice PAC

See Where Justice Can Take You


Protecting Florida’s civil justice system is a full time job. 
Florida Justice PAC makes that job a little easier by ensuring that pro-justice candidates have the resources and tools they need to get elected.

Our strength is in our numbers.  

By bringing together hundreds of firms and individuals from across Florida and identifying the most effective ways to allocate their contributions, we ensure that your individual contribution has the maximum effect — even though our opponents often have the ability to outspend us.

Florida Justice PAC provides much more than financial support.
From recruiting top-notch candidates to educating them to helping them win elections, Florida Justice PAC, is there every step of the way, helping pro-Justice candidates get the knowledge, resources and tools they need to win public office.

Florida Justice PAC At Work

The Florida Justice PAC is on the front lines every election season making sure pro-justice candidates are recruited and elected. Protecting Florida's civil justice system is a full-time job. Florida Justice PAC makes that job a little easier by identifying pro-justice candidates and helping them win elections. Florida Justice PAC is there every step of the way, making sure pro-justice candidates have the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to win.

We cannot afford to be bystanders this election cycle. It is too important for the future success of the FJA and for your practices. We will not see another opportunity like this for decades.

We are laying the groundwork for success in future elections, not to mention the incredibly important reapportionment. It is absolutely critical that we have pro-justice legislators seated when reapportionment occurs. We cannot leave reapportionment in the hands of those who are unfriendly to the civil justice system. The fate of your clients and the future of your practices depend on it.

Florida Justice PAC Contacts
Jeff Porter, Legislative & Political Director
Jonathan Ducote, Consultant
G.C. Murray, Jr., Membership Director