FJA Legislative Committees

The Florida Justice Association’s legislative committees are very active. FJA proposes proactive legislation that benefit our members and their clients, and attempt to amend or defeat unfavorable legislation.
To accomplish this, we have several legislative committees whose mission it is to help set FJA’s proactive legislative agenda, draft any proactive legislation that the FJA would like to pursue, assist in drafting position papers on issues and to act as an advisory group during the session on issues within the expertise of its members. Committees are created whenever a specific need arises, or, as with medical malpractice and insurance, need continual oversight.

Active legislative committees for the 2019-2020 year are:
  • Auto Insurance 

    Brent Steinberg, Chair
    Tiffany Faddis, Vice-Chair

  • Autonomous Vehicles and Machinery 
    Jim Guarnieri, Chair
    Will Ourand, Vice-Chair

  • Cigarette Litigation 
    Jimmy Gustafson, Chair
    Henk Uiterwyk, Vice-Chair

  • Construction Litigation
    Barry Ansbacher, Chair

  • Consumer Law
    Roger Mason, Chair
    Ed Normand, Vice-Chair

  • Human Trafficking 
    Richard Slawson, Chair
    Nicole Whittaker, Vice-Chair

  • Insurance Bad Faith
    Greg Yaffa, Chair 

  • Limitations in Damages
    Tiffany Faddis, Chair
    Jim Magazine, Co Vice-Chair
    Damian Mallard, Co Vice-Chair

  • Medical Malpractice
    Steve Cain, Chair
    Michelle DeLong, Vice-Chair

  • Nursing Home
    Steve Watrel, Chair

  • Opiates 
    Alex Gillen, Chair
    Jim Magazine, Vice-Chair

  • Property Insurance/AOB
    Amy Boggs, Chair
    Jason Lamoureux, Vice-Chair

  • Proposal for Settlement Revision
    John Mills, Chair
    Rick Kolodinsky, Vice-Chair

  • Rules and Statutes on Evidence and Procedure
    Dan Iracki, Chair
    Wayne Hogan, Vice-Chair

  • Sovereign Immunity/Claims Bill Reform
    Todd Michaels, Chair
    Cameron Kennedy, Vice-Chair

  • Workers' Compensation
    Richard Chait, Chair
    Paul Anderson, Vice-Chair

If you are interested in joining any of these committees, please contact the Chairperson of the committee or Lynn McCartney in the FJA Legislative Department. We need your help and welcome your participation.